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Lead With L.O.V.E.

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How to Lead with L.O.V.E.

You must learn to lead; in doing so you must surrender to FOLLOWING!


Being quiet doesn't mean you're listening! It means you're being quiet!


an act or instance of noticing or perceiving. It's foolish when we expect what we don't inspect.


Vision is something that we must be constantly reminded of. Oftentimes, there's so much going on it allows distracting opportunities to knock on our door.

Education & Encouragement

Learn as much as you can! Apply as much as you can! Give as much as you can!

About Spencer

As a former professional athlete and coach, Spencer Conley now brings even more to others all over the world by being a professional speaker. He has established programs that encourage change and growth by presenting life changing inspiration to the beautiful people on six out of seven of our world’s incredible continents.

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What People Say

Ronnie Clifton-Mayor

His authentic and genuine personality endeared itself tremendously to high school students hungering for the direction and leadership that he provided. He is a rare talent that young people worldwide need in their lives so that they may be inspired to reach their highest level possible.

Elizabeth Davis

Your speech has a reality check because life should be taken seriously, and most think it's all fun and games. I hope you continue to do what you're doing and spread your words to many kids around the nation.

Tony Strand

Spencer is raw talent. He know how to verbalize the secret to success and I feel if I could retain just half of the knowledge in this book, then I can improve my leadership skills with my employees. Great read.

Lynne A.

Great read that will motivate you to be a better person in both your personal and work life. You can feel the author's passion come through on every page. This book will inspire and guide those who work in management to become a stronger leader.

LL Norman

I was given this book as a gift and now I’m going to be giving it to everyone I know as well. So inspiring and such a fresh and unique take on leadership and how and why people find it challenging. I enjoyed it from cover to cover, it really teaches how to take control of your own destiny and that everyone can be a leader but in their own individual way and manner.

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Coach Conley is a versatile speaker that speaks for schools, businesses, sports teams, community events, and all over the country! He strives to keep his viewers and listeners "Too Driven" after hearing his motivational messages.